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Boxing equipment for women

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Boxing Equipment

2 x Pack Boxing/MMA Pads

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Boxing Accessories

WSD X-G Boxing Gloves


This crowd-favourite exercise is an all-over fitness workout that is fantastic for stress release, circulation, along with strength, agility, and endurance. We fully support you with your workout by providing the best equipment to get the most out of your session – whether it’s fully fledged competitive sport or just a workout. Our equipment fits the bill and leaves you to get into action with confidence –  so be sure to don your wraps and gloves and give it your best.

An easy access point to buy boxing equipment for women online

Quality equipment isn’t always easy to find. Making sure that wraps, gloves, and guards fit right is all-important wherever punching might be in question; and sizes aren’t universal across all online outlets. We  make sure to stock a range that’s sure to fit a variety of fitness levels, and is sure to stock your size. With a focus towards being a gateway to bettering lives through wellbeing and an active approach. Our equipment makes it as easy as possible to reach your goals – so be sure to purchase your tools and pack a powerful punch that carries quality and performance right in your hands.

Be at your best when you buy boxing equipment form our range

With a selection of wholesale stock that’s vetted for quality and performance, our line  is a fuss-free option that lets you be at your best. Fitting a wide range of women, our items are made for movement, power, and speed – all essential qualities for the best session possible. Buy yours today and make perfect your punch carrying quality in your hands.