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Introducing the ultimate tool for the perfect recovery session. They not only alleviate post-workout tension, but also increase range of motion and balance muscles, increasing suppleness, and in turn, performance. Used for a few minutes a day, these tools reach both large and small muscles to stimulate blood flow, work out any knots, and keep muscles tone and relaxed. With wide-ranging benefits, including increased joint mobility and expanded range of motion, regular use of these keep muscles in great shape, and ready for the next workout.  

Spiky massage rollers for extra-deep relief

Ideal for those really seeking to experience a deep muscle massage, the spikes on these items make them perfect for deep tissue support, bringing blood flow and circulation to areas that aren’t typically easy to access. With an effect similar to needling, the spikes reach acupressure points to relieve tension, stress, and help not only with unwinding from a workout, but also from the bustle of daily life.  

How to use them

Use these rollers work deep into your muscles and tissue after exercise. This practice, over time, helps you to perform difficult fitness moves without injury. Also useful for helping muscles stay toned and in great shape throughout everyday living, spiky massage rollers are amazing fitness accessories to have handy.  

The essential you need in your kit

With a range of dedicated accessories on hand, plus easy-to-follow tips and techniques, we make it easy to put your gear to good use. This means that your small investment goes a long way over time, and provides value for your lifestyle, health span, and overall energy levels. Choose from our range of massage rollers online and see the impact these powerful accessories can have on your muscles.Shop online now and have your order shipped directly to your door.