Shopping is among the favourite pastimes of modern women. Today’s ladies perform this activity for various reasons.

Women visit the mall, the supermarket, or the bricks and mortar shops within their community to purchase essential items like groceries, medicines, or anything they fancy

Furthermore, these people avail clothes, shoes, bags, and the likes when they find it necessary to replace their old personal belongings.

Women also go on retail therapy every time they feel stressed out at work or when they want to unwind from their duties and responsibilities as a caring wife, doting mother, or hardworking career girl.

According to an article from women’s wellness magazine Women’s Health and Fitness, contemporary female shopaholics have every reason to feel delighted with their favourite leisure activity.

It is because shopping entails plenty of wellness benefits that can keep these ladies fit and in the best of health.

  1. Studies That Indicate the Benefits of Spending Time in Shops

Research from around the world supports the fact that shopping is advantageous for women’s well-being.

These studies have tried to determine the health perks of the regular activity of women.

One finding presented that, every year, female shoppers benefit from retail therapy because an average lady can burn calories amounting to nearly 50,000.

Furthermore, going from store to store or spending time weekly at the supermarket makes women feel tired.

These female shoppers experience greater exhaustion following their day at the shops compared to women working out at the gym.

And according to research, this kind of tiredness is advantageous for the well-being of women.

  1. Doing the Math: Numbers Showing Health Perks of Store Visits

According to the research mentioned in Women’s Health and Fitness, ladies take steps that are approximately 7,305  in total every time they go on a shopping spree.

This amount of footwork equals to nearly six kilometres.

Moreover, roughly three hours spent roaming around shops can aid in burning off the 495 calories in a McDonald’s Big Mac.

The 283 calories in a latte can also disappear when women engage in two hours of searching for items that they need or want at the mall.

Ladies who accumulate a total of six hours in one week when they visit the supermarket or the mall allows them to use the energy obtained from half a Snicker bar and half a Pizza Hut pizza effectively.

This fact means that they get to bolster their calorie-burning activities by adding a few hours more spent at the shops on weekends or when they conclude their workday to the 30 minutes they spend at the shops every lunch break.

If women carry on with their routine for one year, it is highly likely that they will get to burn an impressive 50,200 calories annually.

This energy amount is equal to 187 Snickers bars or 29 slices of pizza!

III. Explaining the Health Benefits of Visiting Shops Regularly

Amelia Burton is a fitness and health coach. She affirmed that women could enjoy extra calories burned every time they spend time at the stores.

Burton cited that women’s activity in the shops that can last for six hours is better than the same amount of time spent at the gym.

She confirmed that shopping, indeed, burns an estimated 160 calories per hour.

When going out to purchase their needs and wants, women’s leg muscles get the toning and strengthening advantages due to lots of walking done.

Furthermore, they receive an effective workout for their arms by carrying the bags that hold the items they availed.

Women’s wellness also improves when they reach for the dazzling pair of heels that catch their eye on the top shelf of a shoe store, and when trying on various elegant dresses in the fitting room of a mall.

Plus, they get the health benefits from moving purposefully from one shop to another in a bid to find the perfect outfit they need for a special occasion.

As numerous studies prove shopping is healthy, women can feel at ease that they are not wasting their time engaging in this everyday activity.

Burton also recommended ladies to put on a heart rate monitor. In this manner, they would get to understand the precise reading of the calories they burn.

They will realize how highly beneficial it is, indeed, to go shopping as well.