When it comes to men and dating, we have to be honest with ourselves. Wearing high heels, makeup, getting waxed, and exercising… why do we do those things? Sure we do them to make sure we are good physical health and because we want to look good for ourselves but remember, we’re being honest here… We do those things for the men too. As much as we don’t want to admit it, we do it for them.

Yes, we are strong, independent, and don’t necessarily need a man but it sure is nice to have them around sometimes. So, in efforts to attract one, there are certain things we do to keep ourselves looking good. If men only knew half of the things we go through to get a passing glance…

Getting on the dating scene is a totally different experience for men than it is for women. Men seem to have the luxury of enjoying how easy it is to date when there are more available, single women. Dating for women is fun too but we actually put in a little more thought and effort into how we look to attract the opposite sex. Once we get shaved, waxed, plucked, and tweezed, we are ready to go!


The Dating Game and How to Play

If you really think about it, dating is just a game of getting to know someone. There certain moves and plays you must make in order to advance to the next level. For example, maybe you bought a new dress that caught the attention of a man passing you by.

You caught his eye so much that you advanced to the next level of him asking for your phone number. You can either not give him your number and stay on level two or you can give him your number and go to level three to see where this can lead!

The ultimate goal of the dating game is a relationship. You do all this dating for the ending goal of finding your partner. Mindbodygreen.com recommends that before jumping into a relationship you should stay single for as long as you can until you know you’re ready for a relationship. Seriously, if you want to find the perfect man, you have to get in the game and play. If you want to know the rules to this game, read on!



Appearance: Your Physical Attributes are the First Things a Man Will Notice About You

Ladies, if you want to play the dating game, you have to look the part. Sorry if this sounds shallow but it’s the truth, according to men! Men enjoy looking at a woman who looks nice in all facets. From her shape down to the shoes she’s wearing.

Taking care of your body is key. Drinking plenty of water, cardio exercises, and weight lifting are all going to contribute to looking good and feeling good. You may even look into some new skincare regimens and products. This might be the “not-so-fun” part of dating but it’s actually one of the most (if not the most) important parts of dating… this is essentially how you even get in the game to play.


Keep a Clear Mental State: Men are Quick to Run If He Feels Like You’re Not Mentally Ready to Date

Before you even think about playing this game, you need to make sure that you’re mentally able to handle all the ups and downs associated with dating. Try reading a few dating and self-help books… you also want to make sure you’re getting enough rest too to help your brain function properly because men are confusing as it is and trying to understand their reasoning, at times, can make you want to just throw in the towel.


Make Sure You’re Emotionally Ready

We as women are emotional creatures, of course, but sometimes when we’re too emotional, it can be viewed as dramatic. You have to go into dating knowing that nothing is serious starting out. Whomever you’re going to be going on dates with will probably be going on dates with other women. So, if you approach dating in knowing that possibility, it won’t be so emotionally damaging.

If you recently have gone through a breakup, then immediately getting back on the dating scene may not be the best move for you. The decision will ultimately be up to you and part of dating is protecting your feelings and your heart. In dating, you will experience disappointment and hurt but it doesn’t have to defeat you either.