Having sex in water can actually cause more complications than you think, explains sex therapist Amanda Robb
Q. “I’ve always had a fantasy about having sex in the ocean, but I’ve heard some scare stories. Is there anything we need to do differently to stay safe?” –Melissa, Perth

When we think of summer and sex, we often imagine having sex at the beach or in the pool; while it may sound like a perfect way to cool down after the throes of passion, think again! Without putting a damper on your sex-filled dip, consider these issues first to maintain your sexual health when having sex in water.

Water washes away natural lubrication: The irony of having sex in water is it actually washes away any natural lubrication the vaginal area creates. This can cause increased friction and a feeling of dryness making for an uncomfortable sexual experience. Try a silicone based lubricant when you are having sex in water; silicone provides a slippery texture and is safe with latex and non-latex condoms and is not water-soluble.

Water is not good for condoms: While most condom brands will say that their products can be used in water or with a water based lubricant, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe. Recent research suggests chlorine and other cleaning chemicals found in pools can actually damage or break down the condom affecting its durability. Furthermore, condoms are not easy to handle under water; they can be difficult to put on and can easily slip off. If condoms are apart of your sexual practice, you may want to reconsider having sex in the water.

Steer clear of public swimming holes: Public swimming facilities such as community swimming pools or hotel jacuzzis and hot tubs carry all kinds of bacteria (and not the kind you want to have exposed to your genital area).

If you have sex at the beach be mindful of the sand and avoid it getting lodged in unfortunate places by engaging in sexual activity on a picnic blanket or beach mat.

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