Maintaining or regaining a level of intimacy within every relationship is important. During the early days, it can be difficult to keep your hands off one another. However, the longer you are together, the more complacent you can become. You often begin taking things for granted and as a result, your sex life can deteriorate. If that sounds familiar and you’d like to steer things away from a possible divorce, continue reading for five ways to improve your sex life. 


  • Communicate with each other

It is vital that you keep the lines of communication open between the two of you otherwise everything will become stale. Discussing your likes and dislikes can really help to improve things in the bedroom. Communicating about what you expect from your sex life is important. However, conversely, it is important not to make everything predictable and therefore boring.


  • Have fun

Although your sexual relationship is a serious issue, that doesn’t mean that you have to be serious in the bedroom. In fact, why limit yourselves to the bedroom? When you are home alone, what is stopping you from being intimate in the bathroom, lounge, even kitchen? Grabbing a random opportunity to get a bit hot under the collar can really add some fun to your sex life. If you prefer the comfort of your bedroom, that does not have to equate to dull sex. Why not make a list of your sexual fantasies and work together to achieve some of them? Role play, dressing up and pretending to be someone else can be really fun. Don’t be afraid of adding some toys into the mix; there are plenty of options both for him and her.


  • Variety

If you had beans on toast every night for the rest of your life, you would easily become sick of it, perhaps you would even come to dread it. Sticking to the same sexual position can have the same result. There is nothing stopping you mixing it up a little bit. Trying new positions adds interest to your relationship. Of course, it can sometimes be a little awkward wondering where you should each be, but you may find yourselves something that can improve the climax.


  • Consider lubrication

Lack of natural lubrication, usually associated with the perimenopause, can be a real problem when it comes to your sex life. Vaginal dryness is associated with painful sex, so adding some lube will certainly help make things a lot more pleasant. You may wish to try out the different varieties of lubrication that exist, for example, warming and tingling. Furthermore, if you are tempted to try anal sex, lubrication is a must to make it less uncomfortable. 


  • Seek help

If your sex life is really becoming a struggle for one or both of you, it may be wise to seek help. If the problems are physical rather than emotional, you may need some help from a physician. It is always advisable to seek professional medical help because there are many unlicensed medications out there, which have not been sufficiently tested and therefore must be avoided. However, if the problems are emotional, a relationship guidance counsellor may be a solid option.