Want to improve your sex life? Social media, forums, panels and the websites and blogs of experts are a collective hotbed of helpful hints.

Try it: thepleasurecoach.org

A man throwing his clout behind using the interweb to source sex info is LA-based intimacy and relationship coach Hercules Liotard. The founder of websites The Pleasure Coach and America’s Sexuality Day, Liotard is like a virtual coach in enjoying your own company. Testament to demand for digital tips are his 12,000 Facebook fans.

How can social media help a gal to get her sexy on?
The great thing about the internet is that it gives women that ability to explore sex and sexuality on all levels. Furthermore, it allows them to do this in privacy at first without being pressured or embarrassed.

Through your role as a sex and intimacy coach, what’s your hot tip?
One of the aspects of my work is encouraging a woman to explore what it is they are looking for and looking to do.  This is not always easy for them because a lot of time they put society’s stigmas on themselves and that prevents them from doing anything. This then leads to the bigger area of the work that myself and other educators and coaches do, and that is giving them permission. We tell them, show them and reassure them that it is okay to have these thoughts and desires and help them to explore all their possibilities.

So where does the internet come into this – can we get the same perks from a website?
Social media has become a great thing to use for sex educators. We have access to things like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest and there are a lot of great sex positive sites for information out there.
Don’t keep the URLs to yourself…

My recommendations would include: Get Lusty For Couples  (getlusty.com), The Psychology of Human Sexuality (lehmiller.com) and Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross ( dodsonandross.com). All these sites focus on sex and sexuality from different angles and use social media in a great way.

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