Could an addiction to work be getting in the way of your relationship? Use this quick diagnostic test to see if you have an addiction to the office.

Addiction to work is getting worse, according to Nottingham psychologists, who have developed a new diagnostic test for office addiction.

Score yourself against the statements below using the following scale: 1 Never, 2 Rarely, 3 Sometimes, 4 Often, and 5 Always

•    You think of how you can free up more time to work.
•    You spend much more time working than initially intended.
•    You work in order to reduce feelings of guilt, anxiety, helplessness and depression.
•    You have been told by others to cut down on work without listening to them.
•    You become stressed if you are prohibited from working.
•    You de-prioritise hobbies, leisure activities, and exercise because of your work.
•    You work so much that it has negatively influenced your health.

RESULTS: At least four ‘often’ or ‘always’ answers may indicate that you’re an addict.

If you think your addiction to work is starting to impact your love life, perhaps it’s time to seek some professional help.

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