Why is sex and, er, solo sex, so good for you? These statistics are sure to get you in the mood

1) Regular sex can decrease his risk of heart conditions by 45%. Good news for your bloke!

2) When women masturbate to orgasm, the pain tolerance threshold is believed to increase by 74.6% – the Big O’s a natural pain killer!

3) An active and fulfilling sex life can increase your lifespan by 50%.

4) Burn 7,500 calories a year by making love three times a week.

5) Cut your risk of stroke by up to 50% by making love several times a week.

6) 1-2 times a week is all it takes for sex to increase your production of the immune-strengthening antibody immunoglobulin by a third.

* Warning: Health benefits based on moderation. Excess excitement may have contraindications.

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