Has porn ruined your sex life? Or perhaps the contraceptive pill is messing with your hormones? Here are 5 sex life saboteurs to look out for.

Buzz-kill: Porn
Since Fifty Shades of Grey, women worldwide are getting into porn – apparently. A survey by online bingo site Dotty Bingo found that 44 per cent of women preferred reading about the (often fictional) erotic adventures of others to taking part in their own sex lives. Erotica is played out in your mind, which can cause you to not be present in your body when having sex. It’s important to diversify arousal cues.

Cure: If you’ve been using the book (or any erotica) as a form of solo arousal, it’s important to leave the fantasy out of your mutual sex life. In the heat of the moment when arousal is building, it’s surprising how easy it is to lose focus on what your partner is doing.