Sex therapist Amanda Robb offers her top tips and advice.

Blame the movies for making us believe that you can slip on a rubber without skipping a beat. Outside lala land, this little piece of latex can be a big deal (and not just because it can save you from STDs and kindergarten fees). In fact, if we’re really honest, the franger can be a downright drag. But if you’re not in an STD-free monogamous relationship, riding bareback is not worth the risks. Instead, get creative and turn a problem into an opportunity.

“There are not many men I know who don’t like a woman’s mouth wrapped around their penis, so use your mouth to carefully slip the condom on while you’re pleasuring him with your tongue,” Mercieca says.

“My suggestion is practise first on a dildo or a cucumber to get the technique right, but essentially you’re wanting to have the tip of the condom on your tongue and the rest in front of your teeth before you begin rolling it down onto his shaft.”

Alternatively, if you’re part of a monogamous couple, you may wish to ditch the balloon altogether. You can take lessons (seriously) in the science of scheduling sex to minimise the risk of conception. “

If you’re in a monogamous relationship and have both been tested and cleared of any STDs, then I suggest using the Billings method for contraception, as opposed to condoms,” Mercieca says.

A Billings instructor can teach you how to track your cycle so you know when you can have unprotected sex and when you’re a shoo-in for pregnancy (which is, at most, seven days out of every cycle),

Mercieca says. “It’s a really great method for helping women get in touch with their bodies, too.”