Our office is in constant motion – we work in a very busy environment: Digital Eagles marketing agency in Melbourne. Within the agency there is always someone on the go so it’s easy to forget that you’ve personally been sitting down for the last few hours and haven’t moved anything other than the fingers on the keyboard and mouse. When the back pain kicks up and the health issues mount, it’s time to evaluate what you can do better.

We use several techniques to ensure a healthy workplace and we’d love to share a few with your office.

I Like to Move It

The main problem office workers have is suffering through an 8-hour day with only a few minutes of not sitting hunched over a computer. If your posture is poor or you just don’t move at all, it’s very easy to feel really stagnant.

We suggest getting up and moving around more frequently. A 2-minute stretch is better than nothing but, of course, a quick 5 or 10 minute walk during your break is better than working through. Can you get outside for a few minutes? Even better. The sun, fresh air and change of environment will reinvigorate you for hours of web design, monthly reporting or whatever you’re doing around your own office.

Stand Up (But Not All Day)

Recent studies may have mixed reviews about stand-up desks but the benefits have proven themselves over years. If you manage your time standing, it is always better to stand and stretch a bit. The trap many people fall into is to stand for 8 hours instead of sitting for 8 hours. The problem isn’t so much sitting but doing the same thing in a prolonged manner. If you sit, stand, sit, stand with an easily adjustable standing desk, you’ll reap all the benefits without the potential harm.

When you’re standing, don’t forget that the main benefit is the ability to move. Your back is no longer pinned to a chair so move your arms around a bit, look around, stretch and enjoy the freedom of movement.

Hit the Gym … Together

In the Digital Eagles office, we’ve found that most of our gym-going staff members like to attend in small groups rather than find time to go on their own. In fact, we have negotiated special rates with our local gym because of the number of staff we have who attend together.

Working out can be fun or it can be a chore – dragging a few colleagues along can make the entire office healthier. Shared goals in the office can be extended to sharing fun experiences outside it. Train together for an upcoming 5k and bond over something exciting outside of work. It’ll do your mental AND physical health wonders.

Get a Massage

Ok, so this isn’t a practical solution for everyone, every day. You can’t just sneak out for a cheeky 30-minute massage whenever you’d like. There are a few options though:

  • Get a mobile masseuse to come to the office for your whole staff. Cheap, effective and super relaxing when times are tough. Asked everyone to work OT last week? Reward them with some pampering.
  • Your boss won’t let you go all out? Pick up a $10 massage ball or roller stick. They’re compact, cheap and do the job in a pinch. Back feeling weak? Throw a spiked massage ball behind you and roll around on it while you continue to do work.


Our office isn’t going to get less busy any time soon. We need to cope with long hours plugging away on a computer sitting at our desks. These techniques help us and should help you to stay healthy even during the busiest and fastest growth periods you experience.