Find out how to be a cover model with Holly Barker’s top tips!

Exercise secrets

Yoga has helped with all aspects of my fitness regime.  Implementing three to four sessions a week as a complement to my weight lifting has helped me get more out of my workouts. I am able to reach deeper into an exercise and perform exercises with proper form and function with minimal risk of injury. Yoga helps decrease muscle soreness and has helped elongate and stretch my physique. It forces me to focus on proper alignment in the body and internal breath and concentration. It has equipped me with balance and the ability to concentrate and cope with daily stresses.

Diet secrets

My diet staples are egg whites, oats, fish, chicken, green anything, squash, coconut oil and nut butter, because you can do a lot with these staples.

I usually stick to the same foods, but will change up the way I prepare them. I add natural herbs and spices to make anything sweet or savoury and never find I am bored with my plan. This is what works for me, but I know it is not for everyone. It is easier for me to stick to my plan and stick to whole foods rather than have wiggle room or follow a macro breakdown. I enjoy the taste of fresh foods and find that not consuming artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes helps me keep cravings at bay.

The final word

The keys to your healthiest lifestyle are consistency and time. It is a process and will pay major dividends as long as you stay the course. Keep it simple and get the basics down on eating healthy before getting too fancy.

It is important to eat real, whole foods with the least processing. Once you find out how your body reacts to certain foods and how you function best with certain amounts of fats, proteins and carbs, you can use these fundamentals to build a plan with a lot of variety and tasty meals and treats.

Do not be marketed to; choose foods without an ingredient label filled with words you cannot pronounce and do any processing and cooking yourself at home.

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