For our bodies to stand up to the rigors of time, it needs exercise; and this goes most especially for seniors, who tend to lead slower, less physically active lifestyles. That being said, you can say that besides working out to lose weight, seniors have a lot more at stake in getting fit than one might think. Every grandparent wants to spend more time with their grandkids, and most seniors definitely want to make the most of their post-retirement years.
With those goals in mind, helping your 50-and-up loved ones achieve fitness goals is probably some of the best support you can give them, and here’s how to do it.

Gift Them The Tools To Help Them On Their Fitness Journey

The key to fitness is consistency, and a great way to be consistent is to get good exercise gear so you can maintain some level of exertion even if you can’t hit the gym. However, seniors may not have the time or familiarity with modern fitness gear to go to a store and choose the right exercise equipment for themselves. As such, some of the best gifts for your grandmother when they’re on a fitness regimen are the tools that they need to achieve their fitness goals. As an example, seniors who like to work out in the sun will benefit from reflective gear, so they can enjoy the atmosphere of the outdoors without worrying about sunburn.

Show Your Solidarity By Working Out With Them

Humans are social animals that naturally perform better as part of a group. This goes no differently for your 50-and-up loved ones when they decide to take up a fitness regimen. Accompanying them on their new fitness ventures gives them invaluable moral support, but it goes a little deeper than that. It also reminds them of why they’re working to get fit: so they can spend more time with the family they love, however physically taxing the activity.
Even something as simple as going on their morning jog with them can work wonders in helping their fitness flourish. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can plan games and activities so they can play with the rest of the family, especially their grand kids. If you somehow can’t find the time to accompany them, point them to some fitness classes where they can work together with other seniors to achieve their later-life fitness goals.

Celebrate Their Fitness Achievements, No Matter How Small

It’s one thing to egg your senior loved ones on by saying how great they’re doing on their workout regimes and you’re so proud of them. It’s a whole other thing to continuously celebrate them as they hit their fitness marks, making every step of the way feel special. You can do this even in simple ways such as going out to eat at their favorite restaurant, or in big ways such as gathering the whole clan for a sports meet so grandma can show off her freshly polished skills.
Whatever your senior loved one’s fitness state, the most important thing is to let all of this assistance originate from a position of love.