Those hours spent re-reading your meeting script may be better spent in front of the mirror. MIT Media Lab research found that outcomes of pitches, sales calls and other negotiations could be gauged with 87% accuracy based on body language alone.

Stack the odds in your favour with these convincing to-dos:

1. Stand and deliver

Standing up to state your case supposes higher status.

2. Let your fingers do the talking

You may think your fingers are flying under the radar, but you’ll appear more persuasive if you keep them together. Also keep hands lower than chin height.

3. Spread your wings

Place your elbows on your chair arms or keep them away from your body, as tightly tucked arms convey timidness and uncertainty.

4. Choose your words wisely

These pearlers equal optimum persuasion: Discovery, guarantee, love, proven, results, save, easy, health, money, new, safety and you.

Still feeling stressed? It’s time to get motivated and juggle that work-life balance.

Source: Stanford Management Institute Business Book Summaries

Photo credit: Thinkstock