What motivates you to train harder and hit your fitness goals? Take our quiz to find out!

Many psychologists posit that what motivates us is strongly linked to our personality type. Some people are motivated by a specific goal or learning outcomes, while others are inspired by the people around them.


“Motivation styles vary for different situations and topics but you draw on them especially when you try to do something challenging,” says Marcia Conner, a US-based global consultant focused on collaborative work.

“If you can recognise your predominant motivational style, you can identify the situations that best satisfy your needs.”

Take Conner’s questionnaire to discover your motivation style.

Begin by reading the words in the left-hand column. Of the three responses to the right, choose the one that best characterises you, answering as honestly as possible with the description that applies to you now. Count the number of chosen items and count up your total at the bottom of each column.