Pocket rocket and mother-of-one Colette McShane, aka. @TheHIITMum, is a fitness force to be reckoned with. Here, we chat to her about supplementation, passion and just getting stuff done.

My love for the health industry started very early. I’ve been athletic all my life, participating in triathlons and cross-country racing as a six-year-old in Scotland. I worked in media for a long time but when I became pregnant with my daughter, I thought ‘it’s now or never’, and so I began my studies to become a trainer. 

I love helping others achieve good health because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing people achieve what they never thought possible. I love making a difference in people’s lives – a lot of parents write to me to say they are getting fitter and healthier, making it easier for them to play with their children.

I always kick the day off with a big, healthy breakfast as it sets the tone for the rest of my day. I make a yummy omelette, frittata or poached eggs with lots of vegetables. Lunch and dinner is anything from stirfry to healthy curries or Mexican-style wraps – again, with lots of vegies and lean proteins.

I snack on the Healthy Way range from Chemist Warehouse, as it’s accessible, varied and forever expanding. I love their vegie chips, all their nuts (I am walnut and almond crazy) and the trail mixes for snacking during the day. 

My training regimen is a mix of running, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and weights. As a general rule, I’ll complete three HIIT sessions, three runs and two upper- body weight sessions per week. I always ensure I have one rest day.

I manage stress by taking time out to play with our three-year-old or watching a good TV series on Netflix. I like to switch off social media for a good three hours each night before bedtime. 

I promote recovery from my hard training sessions with a long bath in Epsom salts and by wearing my SKINS recovery tights – I swear by them! Fuelling my body with nutritious food and the right amount of protein is essential. 

I stay motivated by keeping my goals in sight. I write them down, say them out loud and use visual cues to remind me of where I want to be. I think it’s important to be training for specific things too, whether that be a fun run or something else that interests you.

My hero is my dad as he raised a busy family of five, drove us around and made sure we were always at our sporting events. He’s also an amazing athlete and still runs quicker than me!

 Next for the HIIT Mum? I’m hoping to open up some new locations in both Australia and in the UK. I also have plans to develop a new workout app, so watch this space!

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