We chat to sports model, author, trainer Hayley Roper about what makes her tick, food and lifestyle.

Hayley Roper has lived and breathed fitness her entire life, so it’s no surprise the budding sports model, author and trainer has gone far in the Insta-fitspo stakes. For Roper, half the battle of healthy living falls outside the scope of workout-and-repeat, and lands on positive mindset, as is reflected in her book Lighten Up.

Roper says

Most of my food is organic and free range. I also drink three to four litres of water per day and I avoid coffee and alcohol as much as possible.

My eating plan is rich in green vegetables, allowing my nutrient intake to remain high, while the proteins and good fats keep my blood-sugar levels stable. I find a protein- and fat-based diet helps me stay lean, satisfied and energised.

Post-workout, I ensure I eat good-quality carbs and protein within 30 minutes. Chicken with sweet potato and broccoli is my favorite post-workout meal.

I don’t generally consume a pre-workout meal, as I am always feeling energised for my workouts due to my high-quality diet. If I’m training early in the morning, I might have something light like a banana


Day on a plate

Meal 1: Green smoothie containing kale, spinach, apple, coconut water and vegan pea protein powder.

Meal 2: Two pieces of Paleo toast with two free-range boiled eggs and loads of spinach, pan-fried in organic butter. I also add some vegan kimchi as it’s good for my stomach.

Meal 3: Green smoothie with kale, spinach, apple, coconut water and vegan pea protein powder. 

Meal 4: Two pieces of fruit and some raw almonds.

Meal 5: Homemade Mexican bowl containing chicken breast and onion stir-fried in coconut oil, with taco seasoning, capsicum, jalapeños, goat feta, avocado smash and loads of spinach leaves.