We chat to yogi star Leah Simmons about her her fit life and how she fuels her body.

Leah Simmons prides herself on being the girl-next-door – who just happens to twist her body into amazing yogi shapes. A qualified Pilates and fitness instructor who hates to cook, she fuels her body with organic and wholesome food, and powers her Instagram with poses we can use for good health.

Day on a plate
Meal 1: 500 ml water with 2 g chlorella.
Meal 2: A long black coffee, two free-range eggs (boiled or scrambled) with one piece of organic rice loaf and one tbsp organic sauerkraut or kimchi.
Meal 3: Post-workout shake containing ½ frozen banana, handful of fresh or frozen berries, one large dollop of coconut yogurt, ½ cup coconut water, one tbsp pea and brown rice protein powder, one tsp superfood powder, and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt.
Meal 4: Big salad with 100 g tuna or grilled chicken and a homemade dressing containing extra-virgin olive oil and organic/raw/unpasteurised apple cider vinegar.
Meal 5: Green vegies with 150 g of a lean protein and ½ cup brown rice.

Simmons says
I am definitely not a foodie. Frankly, I just don’t have time to create mouth-watering masterpieces of ‘infused-this’ and ‘slow-cooked-that’. That doesn’t mean to say though that I don’t think about what I eat and appreciate food. I limit my alcohol intake and I eat a very healthy, balanced, organic diet that complements my training regime.
I would say that my overall diet is high protein, with a balance of good fats and carbohydrates. I always have a protein shake after training, unless I am trying to lean out for a photo shoot. If that’s the case, I will avoid all sugar including fruit and limit my liquid intake to just water.

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