Lauren Simpson is all about going hard or going home, with heavy weights her forte. We chat to her about her fit life and food.

An online fitness coach, bikini competitor and powerlifter, she has transformed her life from skinny, unhappy and unhealthy to strong, confident and full of life – and now the Sydneysider is on a mission to inspire others.

Day on a plate

Meal 1: Beef rump steak, walnuts, spinach and a side of blueberries.

Meal 2: Turkey breast, macadamias, mushrooms and mixed green vegies.

Meal 3: Barramundi, avocado and mixed green vegies.

Meal 4: Pre-workout meal of chicken breast and white rice.

Meal 5: Post-workout meal of a protein shake with fruit.

Meal 6: Turkey breast and sweet potato.

Simpson says

The body has a greater need for certain nutrients at specific times. Overall, my macros for an entire day of eating are 30 per cent protein, 30 per cent fat and 40 per cent carbs. I always eat my higher carb meals around my workout.

My pre-workout meal consists of a lean protein and a complex carb, eaten 60 to 90 minutes before I hit the gym. I often opt for white rice, as it’s easy on the digestive system and is fast acting. I train with quite heavy weights, so having my energy stores full prior to training ensures I maximise my performance.

Immediately after I exercise, I will have a protein shake. Protein consumed within 30 minutes of my workout kick-starts my muscles’ recovery process; protein replenishes my muscle glycogen, reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, and promotes muscle repair and growth. I find whey protein isolate is best for fast absorption.

The meal after my post-workout shake is also higher in carbs, with a lean protein. I usually have brown rice in this meal due to its higher fibre content, which leaves me feeling fuller for longer.

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