We chat to Tasha Ross @tasha_rossxx about her career and journey in fitness.

Tasha Ross was modelling internationally when she looked around and saw nothing but thin girls with poor habits. Determined to pursue a career without damaging her health, she returned to Australia, completed a personal training course and shed 10 kg of fat. The rest is history (or can be found via social media.)

Her career
“I wanted to show others that starving yourself isn’t healthy, eating is. I began training children at sport clinics and I noticed they were often unaware of the harmful foods they were eating and the impact it had on their health. I believe more time and money needs to be put into diet and exercise education.”

Her fitness regime
“I do a mix of Pilates, cardio and weight lifting about five times a week. I believe the more well rounded your exercise routine is, the better your results will be. Rest days are also really important.
“I’m a big fan of booty building and creating curves. Deadlifts and lunges I find so challenging but they make such a difference to your shape.”

Her nutrition
“I found I was intolerant to dairy, gluten, wheat, and almonds, limiting my food options. My diet is usually shaped like an upside-down triangle, eating a big breakfast and having smaller and smaller meals as the day goes on. I eat around five-to-six meals a day to keep my metabolism up.”

Behind the scenes
“When I was younger I had scoliosis (a curvature in the spine), which prevented me from doing several exercises I loved. Everyone has their weaknesses but you just have to work around them. I have done Pilates for a few years now and it’s really helped manage the issue. It’s a great form of rehabilitation.”

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