Struggling to kickstart your workouts? You’ll be suprised by how Steph Prem’s simple tactics can reframe exercise as a want-to not a have-to do.

You might remember Steph Prem’s vital, blonde persona from the 2010 Olympic Games, where she was the only woman to represent Australia in snowboard cross. A career-ending crash in the same year meant that Prem turned her sights away from professional snowsports and to an enduring health and wellness journey for herself and, now, for others. Following five years of rehabilitation and self-discovery, Prem is now a qualified personal trainer and clinical Pilates instructor, and has opened her own health and fitness space, Studio PP. “I come from a professional sports background where performance is about how your body operates, not how you look,” she says. “Be kind to yourself and don’t overdo it – it’s not about always killing yourself; it’s about finding what works for you personally and having the right balance.”

Her hot tips

Make value-based goals

“Goals are often based on last-minute ‘reactive quick fixes’ instead of lifestyle changes or value-based goals. For example: setting yourself healthy long-term goals of eating better and drinking less in the lead-up to an event because you know it gives you more energy and mental clarity as opposed to the ‘need to lose 5 kg yesterday’ mentality that leads to depravation and stressful energy.”

Ask yourself ‘why?’
“You need to know what your core values are. Finding out what really keeps my clients ticking is key to keeping them on track, so I work on ‘why’ they are on their health journey and ‘how’ we can improve their overall life quality and experience throughout. Make a list and refer back to it; I ask clients to give themselves a score out of 10 in all categories. This normally shows people themselves where they are falling off the bandwagon.”

Motivation hacks

Epic music
“Create playlists that make you want to get up and dance. Music gives you motivation, tempo and a clock – easiest way to keep it fun.”

Get a buddy
“A fitness buddy keeps you accountable, goal orientated and motivated. Take it in turns creating workouts for each other.”

Try new things
“Try different styles of exercise – keep your body guessing. Be creative and try different class styles to keep you motivated. I always love trying other people’s classes and handing myself over while also being challenged and inspired by new moves.”

Reward yourself
“I like to prepare myself a nice breakfast or meet a friend for breakfast after a big workout – it makes me feel like I’ve earned it more.”

Fit focus
“Fifteen minutes of daily, healthy self-empowerment practice to myself. No phone, no company, no pressure; just me, my iPod and some juicy self-time to indulge in a stretch, some Pilates, dancing, meditating, rolling…whatever it may be. I know I’m a better person when I dedicate more time to looking after myself better.”

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