14 amazing health and fitness blogs

If you’re struggling for inspiration in between issues of Women’s Health & Fitness, these blogs have you covered. Read their personal journeys and get advice on running, nutrition, motherhood, weight loss and wellbeing.

Girls Gone Strong

It’s the age-old question in female fitness: how can you work out without bulking up? GGS bloggers Neghar Fonooni, Molly Galbraith and Alli McKee have nailed the formula and translated it to regular workouts and breaking science news. Download the free recipe book and weightlifting tips for instant inspiration.

Prevention RD

Writer and registered dietitian Nicole Morrissey gets big points from us for calculating the nutritional information for each of her tasty recipes, so you know exactly how her meals can benefit your own nutritional plan.

Mile Posts

Dorothy Beal of Mile Posts is a marathoner and mother sharing her success story with the world. Previously overweight and miserable, Beal turned her life around with running and has gone on to be on the cover of magazines and coach other women to follow in her footsteps. With blog content ranging from upbeat playlists to running with a stroller, runners of all backgrounds can take a leaf out of Beal’s virtual book.

Ask Lauren Fleshman

Think of Lauren Fleshman as your 7-Eleven-style personal running advisor, available to answer questions at any hour. From technique, to training, recovery, nutrition and racing, Fleshman draws on her experience as a running champion to get you back on track, literally. Submit your own questions as you peruse expert advice neatly slotted into a clear design.

Run to the Finish

Blogger Amanda Brooks shares her ‘progress not perfection’ approach to fitness, showing readers that it’s okay to make mistakes when striving for a goal. Along with providing advice for enjoying (not just tolerating) running, Brooks talks overcoming sugar cravings, clean eating, and even extends to the health of her pet cats. Whacky, yes, but always relatable.

101 Cookbooks

Stop pinning, liking and taking screenshots on social media and start sifting through Heidi Swanson’s range of beautifully presented meals. Launched in 2003 with the intention of cooking through her giant collection of recipe books, the blog has shifted to focus on natural whole foods, catching the attention of publishers and magazines worldwide. The archives are neatly categorised by ingredient and meal times, so you know what to do when it’s dinner time and all you have in the pantry is an avocado.

Live Life Active

Erin Weiss is a self-confessed emotional eater-turned-fitness model and personal trainer. A refreshing voice in an often-obsessive industry, Weiss is the first to point out the pressure on fitness models to maintain an unrealistic body, which is near impossible to keep year round. On her blog she alternates between posts on her latest fashion loves to fitness-heavy info, such as ‘10 things not to do at a gym’, and product reviews.

Comeback Momma

Are you a mum in desperate need of some motivation? Meet Jenn Mitchell, a fitness coach who’s on the same journey to rediscovering her passions after struggling with depression and weight gain. Categories of family, food, fitness and fashion can’t help but inspire readers to get in shape, with advice spanning best ways to get great summer legs and sneaky ways to sculpt abs from your chair (jot that on your overtime sheet).

Daily Cup of Yoga

This one-stop yoga site describes itself as a source for tips, tools and wisdom on yoga, books and technology. From reviewing yoga gear, clothing and books to discussing life’s big questions, blogger Brian Call’s site is a virtual campfire for yoga lovers to huddle around.

Purely Twins

Lori and Michelle are twin sisters with a serious passion for fitness, wellness and healthy living. With a balanced approach to loving food and heart-pumping workouts, Purely Twins is an inviting space for new mums or returning exercisers to be motivated to get moving, sans the pressure of a scary PT.

Neghar Fonooni

Fitness expert Neghar Fonooni believes in the power of fitness for helping to lead a happy life. Her positive energy makes even the hardest kettlebell workouts sound like a cake made out of rainbows, and will motivate you to see your own exercise in the same helpful way.

Mobility WOD

Don’t have time to sift through text on a page? Got an injury that’s holding you back? There’s a simple solution. Doctor of physical therapy and CrossFit coach Kelly Starrett posts original video content to improve viewers’ movement and mobility. Since 2010, Mobility WOD has become the holy grail of short videos on resolving pain, dealing with injury and increasing athleticism. No matter what the injury is, you can bet Starrett has covered it.

Precision Nutrition

The Precision Nutrition blog is all about calling out claims made in the fitness industry and investigating their true worth. Questions like ‘Will skipping breakfast really make you fat?’ (verdict’s still out on this one) and ‘What to eat before and after exercise’ are answered in detail with comprehensive scientific support. And don’t think you needed to take biol at school to get it; when you see how much power this knowledge offers (say, seeing through fanciful claims in the fitness industry and burning fat faster), you’ll force your head to circumnavigate the science.

Nia Shanks

Penny dropped that there’s more to this fitness bizzo than rocking Daisy Duke cut-offs? This blogger’s a no-BS realist who translates common aspects of the human condition into fitness terms (say, overcoming slumps in motivation and using exercise to deal with anxiety). The scope of topics and empowering perspective make this one of the most potent fitness blogs we’ve read. Shanks’ unique voice makes it feel like she’s one part friend, one part mentor.

Turn your passion into a blog

If you’re happy in your current career but want to take your passion a step further, a blog is a worthy mid-point. Not only can you share-slash-show off your hard-earned wisdom with women across the world, but being accountable to a few hundred thousand sets of eyes is an unrivalled motivator. (What, you’re going to tell your fans you felt like bunkering down with a tub of ice-cream and Pinterest yourself doing it?) Like choosing a vocation that fits your values, defining your blog’s niche and scope should also reflect what’s personally important. Authentic passion will translate as an effortless x-factor and mean content comes from a place of wisdom, not just knowledge. Still not sure where to start? We swiped these online tips from psychologist Louise Adams.

1. Ascertain your personal exercise-related values. “For example, I include exercise in my life because I love the feeling of being strong and fit, and I love taking time to move my body in the great outdoors,” Adams says. “My exercise values relate to being strong, fit, and outside.”

2.Translate these values into goals, e.g. going for a run a few times a week. “Because my goals are in line with my values, I find I am able to achieve them more often. If I was trying to set an exercise goal, say, for example, going to the gym three times a week, it probably wouldn’t work because I don’t value being inside.”

3. Choose to share and view images and other content that resonate with your goals – not what you think you ‘should’ like or value.

4. Let yourself be human – even online. “We don’t need to be perfect all the time; we need to acknowledge that although we may value health and wellness, we’re not going to be living close to that value 100 per cent of the time – and that’s okay.”

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