Samantha Gash plans record run across India

To celebrate World Vision’s 50th anniversary, Samantha Gash, 31, ultra marathon runner from Melbourne, is planning to undertake a gruelling run across the diverse terrain of India.     Kicking off on Monday 22 August, Samantha will run close to 4,000 km from West to East to raise money and awareness for World Vision projects tackling […]
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A day in the life of Laura Henshaw

We caught up with model, law student and entrepreneur and January 2018 cover model Laura Henshaw to talk about a typical day in her shoes. EAT 6:30am: wake up and have an espresso. I can’t stomach food before training. 8am (breakfast): protein-packed smoothie bowl or two whole eggs with ½ an avocado, spinach and smoked […]
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Are you in the right job?

 Not sure you’ve chosen the right career? It’s all about personality types, writes Angela Tufvesson. Are you doomed to fail if you’re an introvert in a team of extroverts or a detail-oriented worker in the midst of ‘big picture’ thinkers? What’s your personality type? According to Prof Haslam, you’ll typically be drawn to jobs that […]
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7 fitness Instagrams to follow now

Whether you’re after workout inspiration, fit fashion tips and healthy eating ideas, we’ve put together 7 Instagrams you need to follow now. 1. Steph Prem @stephieprem As the founder and head trainer at Studio PP Steph Prem’s feed varies from reformer workout shots, healthy eats and snaps of when she’s out and about, that’s what […]
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How to maintain motivation over the holiday season

Struggling to stay on top of your exercise regime because you’re simply not motivated enough? Here are three ways to maintain it. The key is to tone down rather than completely halt your exercise regimen, but maintaining motivation during times of temptation generally comes down to how you think about your training. If heading for […]
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7 tips to boost your self-esteem

Boost your confidence and self-esteem with these tips from Sydney psychologist Jacqui Manning. 1. Reduce social media use: Stop checking how many friends or followers people have and remind yourself that social highlight reels are designed to cultivate an illusion even they don’t live up to. 2. Treat yourself like a friend: “I ask women, […]
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Staying Healthy in a Busy Office – A Real Life Story

Our office is in constant motion – we work in a very busy environment: a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. Within the agency there is always someone on the go so it’s easy to forget that you’ve personally been sitting down for the last few hours and haven’t moved anything other than the fingers on […]
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Pilates Can Help Balance Your Mind

We know that exercise can be ‘therapy,’ but there is something powerful when you connect your mind and body and exercise from a place of control and stillness, where you are truly present in the movements. After 16 years in the fitness industry, it’s this year in particular that has stood out with women wanting […]
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