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As a Melbourne based personal trainer, I am passionate about reigniting a fitness flame through my exclusive small group personal training sessions and private personal training sessions, Back to Basics 4 Life Fitness, which nurtures both mental and physical health. 

Finding the motivation to work out and stay healthy in the cooler months can be hard. Trust me when I say that I find it challenging too. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stay in a warm bed all day? To combat this and hopefully reignite your health and fitness game, I have listed my top 5 tips to stay motivated. 

#1 Have a routine 

In my opinion, this is the most important factor! As everyone is different, be sure to find what works best for you. Perhaps you enjoy working out in the morning rather than the afternoon. Sticking to this can allow us to feel more productive in our day and less guilty about sitting by the fire at night while watching a rom-com movie and smashing down a tub of ice cream.


#2 Set aside ‘me’ time 

Yes, it can be nice to be busy, see friends and enjoy yourself but avoid burning yourself out! I find that in winter I can easily become ‘run down’ when I don’t set aside any ‘me time.’ This can lead to poor energy levels to workout and sugar cravings. I like to take a bath, indulge in some yoga, read a book and laugh at a TV show. Give yourself some love this winter and wind down! 


#3 Meal plan 

I have always been a snacker, I love food! I think I’m not the only one who’s hunger levels go through the roof when it’s pouring rain and crispy cold outside. To keep on track and to stay in control, meal planning is key. I like to write out all my main meals for the week. Not only does it make food shopping so much easier, but it also allows me to venture out and try new recipes. Having a meal plan ensures that I don’t mindlessly snack whilst deciding what to eat.


#4 Find a workout you actually enjoy 

There is nothing worse than doing something you don’t enjoy. In order to see results both physically and mentally, it is essential to ensure that the workout you do makes you happy. You want to look forward to smashing it out! Maybe you prefer to run, lift weights, do Pilates, or maybe you need the motivation of a personal trainer. Stick to what you love so you can set goals and see yourself thrive! Perhaps you want to change it up? My studio Back to Basics 4 Life Fitness provides small gym classes in the Melbourne area as well as online personal training sessions. Contact us via email, [email protected] and maybe one of our services is your sweet spot! 


#5 Buddy up!

Everything’s better with company, even working out! Find a buddy who is willing to sweat it out with you and keep you motivated this winter. Join gym classes together, go for rugged up long walks, or perhaps take them through a strength workout. Having a friend in your workout will make it way less likely to ditch the sweat sesh. Oh, and who doesn’t love a brunch or coffee date afterward?


Don’t let the Winter chill stop you from achieving your health and fitness goals. Follow these tips and thrive! Do you want more motivation and information on how you can reignite your fitness flame? My exclusive personal training studio, Back to Basics 4 Life Fitness provides small group and private personal training sessions which can help your nutrition and fitness needs. 

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