Your DIY guide to getting the spa feels at home, courtesy of our interior styling expert, managing director of Dammer Interiors, Louise Dammer.


“The important thing is to keep it simple and think about how all five of your senses can be stimulated,” says Dammer. Think about the type of bath you like the look of, a chair you feel comfortable in and the oils you enjoy the smell of.

1. Keep the space clean and free of clutter to reflect your mind. Achieve this by restricting the amount of furniture to essentials only.  Clear bench tops, and keep things out of sight in storage or organised on shelves.

Hint: Multi-function furniture such as a stool with in-built storage will allow you to keep products and supplies hidden away.

2. Opt for dim lighting to encourage rest.

If you don’t have lights that can be dimmed, try candles or tea lights.

“Lighting is a major element in opening up a space. Recessed spot lighting is perfect for a small space and a feature light hanging over the bath is lush! Making switches dimmable is handy but there are other alternatives,” says Dammer.

3. Have natural oils burning for the joy of smell and relaxation. Peppermint evokes clarity and lavender is calming. Research has also found that lavender improves quality of sleep, promotes relaxation, elevates the mood and reduces anxiety. According to a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, aromatherapy has a beneficial effect on heart rate and blood pressure in both men and women, and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, it was found that over-exposure to essential oils of more than one-hour might be harmful to cardiovascular health. So perhaps don’t go OTT.

4. Play soothing music as background.Think classical or sounds of nature.

5. Have room temperature filtered water on hand.

In a jug, or a teapot of jasmine tea for cleansing is ideal.

6. Go for natural elements such as wood (cedar smells fab FYI), stone, green and water. Stick with neutral colours for a fresh look and steer clear of bright colours. Paintings and prints also look busy and avert calming effects. Keep the walls a light colour, as dark walls will make a bathroom look small. Light also creates a sense of calm and peace.

Hint: Mirrors will create an illusion of space.