A day in the life of Emily Skye

We chat to our January cover model, Emily Skye about what she loves about exercising, how she relaxes and a day in her shoes.

Emily Skye - Women's Health and Fitness



I love how exercising makes me feel – mentally and physically. When you reach a point where you’re happy with your fitness level, you can just maintain it, which is a lot easier than when you’re starting. I encourage people to think of this when they feel like giving up. I love training my legs and glutes because it’s always challenging and has me almost crawling out of the gym – I love that feeling! My favourite exercises are squats, deadlifts, lunges, glute lunges, step-ups, glute bridges, hip thrusts, glute kickbacks and crab walks with an exercise band. Listening to Bullet for My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Alter Bridge, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé motivates me.


I’ve learned that my body is incredible, smart and strong – provided I eat nutritious food and exercise. I eat food that provides my body with enough protein, fats and carbs and plenty of vitamins and minerals; I don’t worry about counting calories or macros. I eat lots of fresh organic vegetables – leafy greens, salmon and blueberries are some of my favourite foods that are anti-inflammatory and full of nutrients. Breakfast and lunch are usually fish or chicken and vegies, dinner might be brown rice or vegies and chicken curry and in the evening I have a green smoothie.


To step back from the crazy pace, I’ll turn off my phone and laptop and go for a walk, visit the steam room, lie on the beach or get a coffee or herbal tea and relax. When I’m my most relaxed and happiest is actually when I’m at the gym training as it takes my mind off everything.


There is no typical day in my life anymore! I wake up, eat and get into creating content; I take photos, film workouts, film motivational videos, write posts, reply to comments on my social media pages, etc. I’ll usually then touch base with my team and discuss upcoming campaigns and products for my business before lunch.Next I’ll meet with my manager and we’ll go over upcoming press, partnerships and travel; I usually fly somewhere once a week. Then I go to the gym, come home and have dinner and try to relax in the steam room for 20 minutes. I do more work at night and wind down by watching TV or a movie. I will usually do some stretches before responding to as many people as I can across my pages before going to bed



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