Sun damage is the number-one cause of visible ageing. SPF isn’t enough! Protect your skinwith antioxidant serums, pigment blocker, sunscreen and make-up.

4 ways to protect your face from the sun - Image - Women's Health & Fitness

How to maximise your protection

With sun damage the number-one cause of visible ageing, the beauty biz is in hyperdrive developing ways to strengthen the body’s own defences. These non-traditional layers may be the next best thing to the fountain of youth.

Growing up in Australia, slip, slop, slap has been drilled into us since birth. We know to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, to reapply every two hours (especially if you go for a dip), and to choose a high SPF (your foundation’s token SPF 15 just won’t do!).

Yet what if we told you that sunscreen alone isn’t enough? You may not be aware of the myriad of other skin protectants currently on the market.  How can you go about tweaking your sun-shielding regimen? We’re here to demystify your options – with their cryptic ingredients lists and promising claims – to optimise your protection. Your skin will thank us in 10 years’ time.