We review the best tanning products and lotions on the market. Here’s who came out on top…

Fake tan awards – PICTURE – Women's Health & Fitness


Best All-Rounder

WINNER: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Dark (1), $19.95, bondisands.com.au “This foam is super easy to use with a mitt. The colour is dark, but not orange. I put it on just before I go out and wash it off the next day. I’d say it’s comparable to St. Tropez, which is almost double the price.”


RUNNER UP: Salon Tan Spray Tan (2), $19.95, salontan.com.au “The mist sprayed evenly, developed into a really natural colour and faded evenly. The formula has a fresh fragrance, unlike most self-tanners, and works to hydrate the skin.”

Fast Tan

WINNER: St. Tropez Self Tan Express (3), $60, sttropeztan.com.au “The Rolls-Royce of tanners! Gives great colour, is long lasting and doesn’t smell! You’re in control – wait an hour for a super light tan, two for a slightly darker one and three for the darkest.”


RUNNER UP: Michael Kors Liquid Tan Self Tanner (4), $55, 1800 061 326 “The colour is light and shimmery and it smells lovely. (I didn’t shower until the next night and wasn’t grossed out). I used my hands, not a mitt, and found it was super easy to apply.”

Face Tan

WINNER: Jbronze Face Flawless Tan (5), $24.95, jbronze.com.au “This gives a natural bronze glow – no orange in sight. The formula’s enriched with shea butter, coconut oil and argan oil so it doesn’t dry your skin out either.”


RUNNER UP: CLINIQUE Self Sun Face Bronzing Gel Tint (6), $36, clinique.com.au “So many face products I try result in serious breakouts but not this one. The oil-free cream doesn’t clog pores and gives a natural bronzed look that washes off with soap and water.”

Instant Tan

WINNER: Dr. LeWinn’s Instant Body Bronzer – Wash-Off Bronzing Gel (7), $19.95.drlewinns.com.au “This quick-dry, wash-off formula doesn’t streak, stain or have that orange look. Plus, the gel has tiny flecks of shimmer that make your skin really seem to shine.” 


RUNNER UP: Garnier Ambre Solaire No-Streaks Wash Off Instant Bronzer Gel (8), $9.95, 1300 659 259 “This didn’t cover any skin imperfections like most tans do. My legs seemed a bit patchy after applying and it took a while to blend out. It’s not greasy or sticky, but it doesn’t look as natural as other wash-off tans because of the orangey hue and large specks of glitter within the gel.”

Gradual Tan

WINNER: Sunescape Gradual Tanner (9), $33, sunescape.com.au “A self-tanner, tan extender and moisturiser in one? Yes, please! All of the Sunescape products I’ve tried have not disappointed – and this is no exception. Great colour, even coverage and not much of a smell.”


RUNNER UP: LDN:SKINS Gradual Tan Lotion (10),  $22.00, ldnskins.com “The colour was really lovely and was designed for fairer-skinned ladies like myself. I’d say it gives a slightly deeper golden tan than your average build-it-up style, so I only need to top up every few days.”