Isolaz 2 is a complexion-clearing procedure that helps clean pores and destroy acne.

What is it?

Want to treat acne with more than over-the-counter creams and lifestyle changes? This complexion-clearing procedure may be worth considering. Appropriate for every skin type and colour, it combines vacuum extraction to clean the pores, broadband light to destroy acne-causing bacteria and the topical application of serums to enhance the effects. 

What to expect?

First, a vacuum removes sebaceous materials, including blackheads, dirt, grime and oil to thoroughly clean pores.

A broadband light is then used to destroy bacteria and purify the area before topicals are applied to hydrate and replenish the skin. You will feel pressure from the vacuum and a warm sensation, but the treatment itself is painless. You get almost immediate results and fewer breakouts over time. 


Isolaz 2 can be used on the face, back and chest and on a range of mild to moderate acne types.

Sessions cost $200 to $300 and four to six are usually recommended for best results.

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