Fat days have a habit of creeping up on us when we least expect it, and more often than not they coincide with that all-important social occasion – be it a wedding, birthday or first date. Nikki Blunt has this survival guide to nip and tuck you into shape!

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Get a tan

Ever wondered why body builders always tan themselves to the max? Well, tanned skin looks healthy and radiant, but can also appear to make you look more trim and toned. Tanning lotions and spray tans are relatively harmless and are a much better option than baking in the sun for hours on end.

“Creams or sprays are generally made up of vegetable dyes that stain the skin and give a temporary appearance of a tan. The dye is shed, along with any dead skin cells, after just a few days,” according to the Better Health Channel, Victoria.

You can buy ‘do it yourself’ tanning products from the supermarket, like Johnson’s Build-A-Tan, which start at around $8.00, or you can take yourself off to your local tanning salon and get a professional spray tan. These vary in price, depending on where you go. Expect to pay around $50.00. Some salons have deals and specials on (especially during the winter months) so be sure to shop around.