A lot has changed! By this, we mean all the advancements that have taken place in terms of technology or lives. While the pandemic has moved the world virtually, dating is also not slowing. With online dating, individuals are more engaged and involved than ever before. Dating people in a cafe or in personal meetings requires more consistent efforts and time, on the contrary, online dating is easier and more convenient.

Additionally, taking about dating- reports suggest a high increase in casual dating or even casual sex. Individuals who are not looking for serious relationships are looking for hookups. Research suggests an 85% increase in people looking for Hookup’s sites after lockdown globally.


While you may be searching for online destinations, these countries offer real hookup destinations for you to have fun. So, where are the places? Well, Datingroo’s research suggests that different countries provide different places. However, some countries like Spain, the UK, or Canada have more hookup locations and top the charts. The third country is Australia in the top hookup ranking. On the other hand, France, Italy, and the USA have the least places to offer.

Hookup HubSpot’s of the world



Happening Spain is known for its stunning beaches, parties, and food, is also now famous as the best country for hookups. Spain is spectacular, providing 15, 872 hotspot locations for hookups. It offers some thrilling outdoor hookups and cruising places. Also, research by the Datingroo site suggests that Madrid, Spain’s capital provides perfect outdoor destinations with nearly 288 sex locations. So, if you love to party and are a go-getter, do not miss Spain in case you are searching for hookup locations.



The second top destination in the chart is the UK. The UK provides a total of 4,616 hookup places around. Just as we know the UK is not about beaches, so where are these locations? They are perfect love centres. By this, we don’t mean serious dating. The car parks and off-road laybys get the best ranking as a hookup destination in the UK. So, next time when in the UK, plan your hookups at the most favourite love destinations.




The sixth-largest country in the world, Australia is the top hookup ranking and ranks third. The urbanized country with some of the most exotic and attractive mega cities provides 2,426 locations for hookups. While you imagine a trip to Australia and party at the beaches or enjoying the desert sunsets, you can also browse through hookup options at https://datingroo-au.com/. They offer a list of casual or serious dating and hookup options to choose from. Their extensive list of top-ranking applications will make your options in Australia improved and successful.


New Zealand


Ranking number four in the list of hookup places, this island country has a lot to offer than what meets the eye. New Zealand provides 2,317 hookup locations to enjoy. To add to the adventure, New Zealand also has some extensive places for adventure sports and boating places to explore.




Striking the list at the 5th position, Canada provides nearly 1,746 sexy locations for hookups. A country in North America, this exquisite destination is famous for its longest coastline and some striking wonder spots. If you stay there or plan to visit Canada, do not miss taking a deep dive into the lakes there. Also, the sexy places will make your hookup search even more fun-loving.