Everyone loves a statement clothing set. Whether it’s a funky coordinated set, a cute t-shirt with some flowy pants or some loose-fitting overalls with a sweet top, this style is always in fashion. Not only does the right set look incredibly chic, it’s also a super easy way to put the perfect outfit together. When it comes to clothes shopping for your baby girl, a clothing set is always a good choice because it looks great, it’s easy to style and it’s also bound to be comfortable for your little one. So, how can you make sure you’re picking the perfect set of summer clothes for your baby girl? Take a look below to find out.

Choose fabrics that will help her stay cool

When it comes to dressing for summer, one of the most important things to look for is light, breathable fabrics. Shop around for sets that are made from lightweight and natural cotton fibres, as these items are made to be breathable and also easily absorb moisture. By choosing sets that are made from natural fibres, you can help your baby girl regulate her temperature during the warmer months. During this time, it’s also important to avoid fitted pieces and instead opt for flowy, breathable items. This makes sure your little one stays covered to keep her protected in the sun while also staying cool.



Shop with your little girl

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their clothing, especially when it comes to the warmer months. From the get go, your baby girl is starting to develop her own personality, taste and style, so it’s always fun to take her on the shopping journey with you to pick out her new outfits. Whether you’re hitting the mall or shopping online, include your little girl in the experience, so she can help you pick out items that she likes. By doing this, you know she will love her new outfit and she will also enjoy being included in picking out her brand-new set. If you let your little girl help you shop, you also know that getting her dressed and ready to go out will also be easier for you, as she will want to put on her new set and be out the door before you know it!


Accessories are key!

We all know that accessories can often make or break an outfit and when it comes to styling your little girl for summer, this is especially important! When summer time comes around, we are especially aware of incorporating sun-safe items into our wardrobes – think statement sunglasses, funky hats and cool cover ups. When you’re shopping around for a set for your baby girl, consider what accessories she already has, or accessories you would like her to have, before you make your choice. By planning a summer capsule wardrobe, you know that all of her outfits will go together and also pair up perfectly with her sunhat, sunglasses and other cute accessories!