If cardio is your thing, try new classes, get outdoors and give interval training a shot.

It’s going to do wonders for your cardiovascular fitness, as well as your fat-burning potential. If you found a fantastic workout five months ago and figured it was a keeper, no wonder you’ve hit a wall!

While you’ve been having fun and shaking that Zumba booty, at a cellular level your body has been eyeing off a comfortable rest.

Poorly designed training programs or monotonous routines are a breeding ground for plateaus and an easy way to waste years of well-intentioned exercise.

If you won’t listen to our experts, how about Albert Einstein? Einstein’s definition of insanity was ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’.  You can’t do the same exercises over and over and expect your body to experience miraculous transformations, either!

Long-term improvements and changes in muscle tone and body shape as well as muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness can only come about if you train your body to respond to new challenges.

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