Prediction for 2013: Bikram will be overtaken by a haute breed of hot yoga – think breathtaking modern architecture and Sanskrit teachings.


Haute hot yoga - Women's Health & Fitness

Clairvoyant says: Hot yoga will go beyond sweaty poses and include complementary cultural practices such as chanting and Sanskrit.

Lucinda Marshall is pioneering a unique brand of evidence-based hot yoga separating core teachings of yoga from the cultural practices that have historically surrounded it. Enter chanting, Sanskrit, mystics, deities and gurus (the name One Hot Yoga reflects this holistic approach, with One being the first and lowest whole number, and meaning ‘unity’).

Held in a open, architecturally-designed space heated to 37 degrees – the temperature thought to dissolve the sensation of separateness from one’s surroundings – each 60 minute class begins and ends with breathing exercises known as pranayama, gradually adding depth and complexity with each sequence and progressing to deeper stretching and strengthening in the energizing standing series. The practice concludes with savasana, a guided relaxation, to restore energy and promote peacefulness. (Did we mention trading energy-sucking heat panels for eco-friendly hydronic heating?)

We love: The design by luxury residential architects Rob Mills Architects.
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