A-list butt? There’s an app for that, writes WH&F editor Rebecca Long.

It’s not my style to comment on other women’s bodies, but when Serena Williams walked past my gym mat at a press call this week I very nearly had my own Germaine Greer moment.

To say that boo-tay is anything but grand would be lying. But forget suggesting a peplum jacket to mask the vastitude; against a backdrop of Beyonce-inspired butt implants and padded bike pants, Williams Jr’s perky derriere is as coveted as Aus Open finals tickets. Girlfriends’ replies to an MMS confirmed it. What better advertisement for Nike’s new free fitness app than a butt so tight and symmetrical one friend suggested serving tea on it?

Like a 24-hour mobile personal trainer, the Nike Training Club app will soon add Williams’ full-body workout to routines from Nike’s elite athletes. “My workout will challenge your core to make you tighter and stronger, and give you the power to control whatever happens next,” the five-time Aus Open champion said. Presumably that ‘whatever’ includes being asked to cover for Miranda ‘midriff’ Kerr when she’s got the flu.

The new workout will be one of more than 60 15, 30 and 45-minute workouts on the NTC app, which matches gym work to your goals and fitness level and features video demos and playlist sync. Face planting off a fit ball under the glare of TV lenses and phone cams, I couldn’t help feeling the Nike-issue slogan tank saying ‘You can, you will love every minute of it’ was mocking me. Working out Williams-style is a far cry from Wii Fit yoga. But with some practice in the privacy of my own lounge room, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a shoo in for Australia’s Next Top Bottom. (Perhaps the prime minister should download the app, too.)

To download the free Nike Training Club app for iPhone and iPod Touch or Android, visit www.nike.com.au. Serena Williams’ workout will be available from March 2013.

Cheat head start

1. Place shins on gym ball with arms straight down for support. Roll the ball in until it’s beneath you and your knees are near your chest. You should look like a frog. Roll back out, extending your legs behind you.

2. Lie with your stomach on the gym ball and lock your hands together behind your head – elbows out to the sides. Using your feet for balance, dip forward, keeping your back, neck and head in line, and return upwards.

3. Lie on your back and place the fit ball between your feet. Raise your legs to vertical – further if you can – and pass the ball to your hands. In one smooth motion, take the ball back above your head and extend arms so the ball is almost on the floor. Repeat in reverse and continue the sequence.

4. Place a resistance band around your ankles. Step your right leg out to the side and squat deeply. Let your left leg naturally drift across with you as you rise out of the squat. With feet no wider than shoulder-width, repeat on your left leg, stepping your left leg out wide and squatting deeply. Add arms to up the burn.


Slogan tank

“It’s hard to lose focus when you’ve got a power phrase scrawled across your chest.”

Dri-Fit capris

“They’re like a massive sponge that keeps you dry when you’re doing your best Niagara Falls impression. Plus the ingenious seams make you look at least a size smaller.”

Nike Free TR III

“So light you forget you’re wearing them and bang on the sports luxe mesh trend.” All available at www.nike.com.au

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