This works all major muscles of the lower body: legs/butt/hips/calves


Box jump - Women's Health & Fitness

RATIONALE: This works all major muscles of the lower body: legs/butt/hips/calves. It’s also great for reactive speed and core strength.

TERMS OF USE: Aim for three–four sets of 10–15 jumps, with 60 seconds between sets (if form feels compromised, start with lower reps – it’s better to perform fewer reps with better technique, than more with sloppy form). Add to your routine two–three days a week, avoiding consecutive days.

ARSENAL: Select a box that has a height of approximately half a metre. The wider the surface of the box, the more chance you have of landing the jump.

ACTION IT: 1. Stand close to the box, squat and launch yourself in one smooth (brisk) movement. Try to land gracefully and without crashing your feet down hard into the box; think soft landing and control. 2. Step backward off the box from the top, or if you are confident, jump off (if you have poor knee stability, stick with the stationary squat).

UP THE ANTE: Amp up your workout by performing a stationary exercise (e.g., a lunge), immediately followed by this bad boy.

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