WH&F body transformation coach Natalie Carter has put together the moves you need for a rocking bod – no half kilo a week required.

The goal of training is, in simple terms, to build muscle and decrease fat stores. The bonus of higher muscle percentage (aside from burning more calories 24-seven) is that a high muscle to fat ratio leaves less room for excess body fat to hide out.

Be your own CIA agent and send fat to the slammer with this body recomposition workout. (After you put the scales in the shed.)

WORKOUT A (for the gym)

You want more metabolically active, compact lean muscle

Rules  To build muscle, use a high weight (6-10RM) with low reps (3) for 5 sets. Rest for a minute between sets. Perform full sets and reps before moving onto the next exercise.

Frequency  Schedule lower body and upper body exercises on alternate days (e.g. Monday lower, Tuesday upper, Wednesday lower, etc). Aim for at least three upper body and three lower body sessions weekly, with one rest day.

Food  Maintain a balance of carbs, protein and fats. Always fuel your muscles after your workout, ideally with a protein and carb whole foods meal. Stay hydrated at all times and minimise caffeine intake – two a day is a good maximum.

Works: Legs, butt, hips, calves
1. Rear Leg Elevated Lunge
2. Deadlift With Barbell
3. Squat (squat rack) or Holding Barbell
4. 45-degree Leg Press
5. Calf Raises
6. Hanging Knee-Ups
7. Side Plank

Works: Arms, chest, back, shoulders
Weight: 6 to 10RM
Sets and reps: 3 sets of 6-10 reps with a minute rest between sets
1. Dumbbell Chest Flyes

•    Holding a dumbbell in each hand, lie on your back on a flat bench with feet firmly on the floor or on a platform to keep spine flat.
•    Pull shoulder blades down and back until they – and your head, shoulders and butt – are firmly connected with the bench (feet should be on the floor throughout).
•    Press until arms are straight at shoulder width apart.
•    Inhale and slowly lower dumbbells in an arc until level with shoulders (keep elbows slightly bent and maintain contact with bench throughout).
•    Slowly return to start position following the same arc in reverse.

2. Pull-Ups (add weight if necessary or use assisted machine)
3. Bar Tricep Dips (add weight if necessary or use assisted machine)
4. Barbell Bicep Curl
5. Dumbbell Lat Raises
6. Swiss Ball Crunch
7. Swiss Ball Plank

WORKOUT B (you’ll need dumbbells, area to sprint and a mat)

You want To burn fat and maintain muscle (you don’t want to use the good stuff for fuel)

Rules To maintain the muscle you have and burn excess fat, you need a higher rep range with lighter weights, performed in a circuit style workout. Rest during the workout is kept to a minimum – get ready to send your body into machine mode.

Frequency While you can do this on days that suit, make sure you schedule two rest days. It’s counterintuitive, but rest is crucial for building a knockout body.

Food  Make sure you get plenty of essential fats (think 40 to 50g per day) from foods such as avocados, nuts and fish, and try to not add too much extra fat to your meals. Make friends with spray oil. Your body also needs protein from red meat, fish, chicken, legumes, beans, dairy products and nuts to turn you into a pocket rocket.

Weight: Beginners 3-4kg; advanced 5-6kg
Sets and reps: 3 sets as below, except we only do the Burpees for set 1. In set 2, substitute 150m of Sprinting as the first exercise. In set 3, make 100 Mountain Climbers the new Burpees.

50 Burpees
1 minute Dumbbell Step-Ups
1 minute Push-Ups (start on toes and drop to knees if necessary)

50 Burpees
1 minute Dumbbell Lunges
1 minute Tricep Overhead Extension, standing with dumbbell

50 burpees
1 minute Dumbbell Squats
1 minute Dumbbell Military Press

50 burpees
1 minute Dumbbell Reverse Lunge
1 minute Dumbbell Reverse Lunge
1 minute Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Natalie Carteris founder and owner of Sydney’s New Outlook Fitness, newoutlookfitness.com.au


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