Learn the rules, master the moves and lose weight with our essential guide to weight lifting.

Still shying away from weights? Our essential guide to weight lifting will quash your fears and give you the confidence to lift weights for your best body yet.

Weight lifting rules>>

Once the penny drops that lifting weights is the best way to burn fat, it can be tempting to haul as much as you can and rep ‘til you drop. Personal trainer Grant Lofthouse gives us his 5 rules for weight lifting.

How many reps should you do?>>

You may think your reps are doing the job, but a subtle switch could maximise your fat loss and send your metabolism through the roof. Here’s the low down on how many reps you should be doing.

Lift weights without gaining weight>>

Scared weightlifting will make you gain weight? Here’s the key to lifting weights without seeing the numbers on the scale creep up.

Weight training – 5 moves you should do>>

Dismiss his moves for fear of growing he-man muscles? You may be dudding yourself out of the best fat burning ever. Try these 5 moves to boost your weight loss efforts.

Beginners’ guide to Kettlebells>>

Don’t let their strange appearance turn you off. Kettlebells are a unique fitness tool that can combine cardio and strength training in half the time of a normal workout. Here’s how to use them.


*If you are new to weight training, you’re advised to enlist the services of a PT to ensure your technique promotes optimal results and injury-free training.

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