Do these three simple tests to see if your workout is delivering results.

You could probably get away with a mirror to see whether your workouts are turning you into a modern-day Jane Fonda or as useful as a fish’s bicycle, but for something a little more objective, try these key performance indicators.

If your results to these simple tests don’t improve in six weeks, it’s time to switch up your program.

CHECK:  Core strength
TEST:  Static hold test
BENCHMARK:  Firmer abs and better posture
Lie face down with your forearms resting on the floor. Elevate chest and tummy but keep bottom lowered and back flat. Exhale and visualise pulling your tummy button into your spine. Hold your abs here and continue to breathe. The moment your position changes – e.g. dropping – is the time to record.

CHECK:  Muscular strength
TEST:  Capacity to complete
BENCHMARK:  More ‘yeses’ in six weeks than when you first tested.
Do as many of each of the following as possible:

  •  Chin-ups
  •  Push-ups on toes
  •  Squats
  •  Squat balances
  •  Sit-ups (full)
  •  One-legged squat

CHECK:  Cardiorespiratory endurance
TEST:  Resting heart rate test
BENCHMARK:  The closer to the normal rate of 70 to 72 beats per minute, the better. Like golf, aim lower, not higher. You should also note that you don’t get out of breath as easily.

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