Nerissa Peach’s shows us how to fire up a sub-optimal metabolism.

If your metabolism seems sluggish it may have been damaged through long-term or repeat dieting, be responding to a lack of lean muscle, reflecting irregularity of meals, or just one of those things nature dealt. Never fear!

For overall development of muscle (that dense matter that rips through calories like a hurricane) and fat loss, most of your reps should be between six and 12.

To work out which weight to use: If you can’t perform at least six reps with a given load, the weight is too heavy and you should reduce it.

If you can do 12 reps easily, it’s time to increase the weight! For sets, stick to three. How you structure your workouts is critical, and I recommend starting with your weights program split between two days per week*.

 DAY 1  (upper body day)
•    Dumbbell Chest Press (flat bench)
•    Incline Bench Dumbbell Flyes or Machine Flyes
•    Wide Grip Assisted Pullups or Lat Pulldown
•    Machine Seated Row
•    Dumbbell Shoulder Press
•    Tricep Dips (bench) or Assisted Dips

 DAY 2  (lower body day)
•    Squats
•    Walking Lunges (10 metres)
•    45-Degree Leg Press
•    Leg Extension
•    Seated or Lying Leg Curl
•    Calf Raises
•    Abdominal Training – try a Plank

*If you are new to weight training, you’re advised to enlist the services of a PT to ensure your technique promotes optimal results and injury-free training.

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