Bored of your usual workout? Supension yoga is the next big thing


Suspension yoga - Workouts, exercise, Ftiness

Suspension yoga uses aerial hammocks to facilitate new and traditional yoga poses (yes, downward dog is still a staple here). It was created by Christopher Harrison, a member of the Canadian aerial troupe AntiGravity.

Owner of Flight Skool in Brisbane, Iain Wisdom, says this blend of aerial arts, gymnastics and dance is a revolutionary way for students to progress.

“We like to work towards moving meditation, where we are working with music and also the breath.”

Wisdom says this evolution of traditional yoga is “a little bit of a dance, with the hammock being your dance partner, and it’s about learning to orient your way to giving yourself more energy substance.

“We are able to give people that experience of inversion and we also give people a lot of expression in their movements, they get the feeling of being light and floating.”

Lourey-Bird agrees there are benefits, but warns beginners to hone the yoga basics before introducing height.

“If you’re someone who has been doing yoga and want to extend yourself that bit more, want variety, want more of a challenge, and you have a good base, then I think it’s a wonderful way to add an additional challenge to get additional results and push yourself a bit further.”

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