Whether you want to lose weight, get fit or simply feel better, there’s an app for that, writes Linda Smith

Best health and fitness iPhone apps


Whether you favour the iPhone or Android operating system, there is an application – or ‘app’ – that can help you get fit, lose weight, eat better and improve your overall wellbeing for the cost of a download.

Browse our favourite iPhone apps and kick-start your healthy lifestyle today!

1. RunKeeper (iPhone and Android)

This easy-to-use app allows phone users to track their running/walking/cycling routes and display the number of kilometres covered and the calories burnt. You can also share your workout info on Facebook and Twitter. Similar apps include StepTrakLite, iRunner, iJustRan, iMapMyFitness, CardioTrainer and iTreadmill.

2. Couch to 5k/C25K (iPhone and Android)

A great app for people wanting to learn how to run. Follow the program to build up your fitness over a number of weeks and reap the fitness rewards.

3. Nike Training Club (iPhone)

Get lean, toned and strong with the help of this virtual personal trainer and over 85 custom-built workouts. Easy to use with plenty of step-by-step videos.

4. iFitness: (iPhone and Android)

Great for weight trainers who really want to focus on specific body parts. It has an extensive exercise library and good graphics. Users may also enjoy FitnessBuilder.

5. MyFitnessPal (iPhone and Android)

A nifty food and exercise diary that allows users to log details of their daily eating and fitness habits to track calorie intake and expenditure. It’s scary when you see how many calories your favourite junk food/takeaway contains but it’s liberating when you enter your daily exercise and watch it even out your calorie intake. Also try Diet & Food Tracker.

6. FoodSwitch (iPhone)

Created by the world-leading George Institute for Global Health in Sydney to reduce confusion over food labelling, this app contains a database of 20,000 packaged foods. Shoppers can scan barcodes of different foods to see how many calories and how much fat, sugar and salt they contain and also get a list of healthier alternatives.

7. CalorieKing Australia (iPhone)

This extensive database provides nutritional information for every imaginable food. It features a detailed fast food section where you can quickly search common Australian food chains like McDonalds, KFC and Bakers Delight. Also try Calorie Counter.

8. Meal Snap (iPhone):

Hungry? This magic app invites you to take photos of your meals and then it automatically calculates the calorie content. It stores a record of your meals so you can monitor what you’ve eaten over a number of weeks.

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