Strengthen your muscles, improve your technique and choose the right shoes


Running - the essential guide - Women's Health & Fitness

Looking for ways to improve your running technique? Our essential guide will give you a head start.

6 ways to strengthen your running muscles>>

Focus on exercises that duplicate the same joint action as running, therefore working the same muscles and tendons used when you hit the track.

Stetches for runners>>

Stretching before and after running is vital for preventing injury and improving performance.

Improve your running technique>>

Without guidance from a trainer, your running style could be a little off track. Here are four common pavement-pounding mistakes to avoid.

Fun on the run>>

What better incentive to stick to your summer fitness schedule than signing up for a fun run?

Running barefoot>>

It may sound primitive, but running barefoot is a progressive fitness option with real performance benefits.

Beginner’s guide to fitness shoes>>

Super lightweight running shoes, toning walkers and sneakers with iPod sensor pouches – these days there’s no such thing as an ordinary pair of sneakers.

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