Get stronger, fitter and feel more confident in the gym with this exclusive full-body workout by the Base Body Babes

Base Body Babes full-body barbell workout - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

“The barbell is our favourite piece of training equipment, as it can be used for such a great range of exercises. We like to say that ‘Load is King’ – the exercise that allows you to lift the heaviest loads will ultimately give you the best results, and the barbell allows you to do just that. Although there is no magical number, we love the eight rep range as it allows you to build strength while still keeping the heart rate elevated for optimal calorie burn,” says the ladies, Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson.


Here’s what you need to do

  • A1 Barbell Back Squat
  • A2 Barbell Military Press
  • A3 Barbell Romanian Deadlift
  • A4 Barbell Bent-Over Row
  • A5 Barbell Split Squat
  • A6 Barbell Glute Bridges


Perform each exercise A1–A6 back to back, with no rest in between exercises

  • Complete 8 repetitions of each exercise
  • Rest for 4 minutes after A6
  • Repeat 4–6 times

NOTE: Choose weights that you believe you can complete all repetitions and sets with without failing, yet still keep the weight challenging enough to complete a great workout. Technique is most important when lifting heavy, so don’t compromise your form. Ensure you are completing all repetitions and sets with perfect technique before increasing the weight.

Let’s do this!


Words/Workout: Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson

Photography: Vanessa Natoli / @vanesSanatoliphotography