This week is all about finding your groove and familiarising yourself with the main movements you’ll do during the next four weeks.


  • stopwatch
  • two cones or markers (water bottles will do)
  • two mats or towels

Find a local park or oval and measure out approximately 100 metres. Place a cone or marker at each end along with a mat or towel. The session requires you to surge – think 70 per cent of your maximum speed – from one end to the other. At one end, stop and do 10 push-ups. At the other, do 10 sit-ups. Continue to run back and forth, augmenting sprints with bodyweight moves until you’ve clocked your nominated sets and reps (see options based on fitness level). Keep it moving and don’t be tempted to down tools during a set; that’s what the 90-second breaks between sets are for!

Option A
x8 reps
4 sets
90 sec recovery between sets


Option B
x6 reps
x3 sets
90 sec recovery between sets


Option C
x4 reps
x4 sets
90 sec recovery between sets

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Words and workout by Sheena-Lauren, images by Damien Bowerman Photography