Using a Swiss ball is a great way to get a supported core workout. Kickstart this one by working backwards.

How to

1 & 2. Sit on the Swiss ball with a straight spine and feet firmly on the ground. Twist to the right and bring the left arm around the front of your body as you look over your shoulder.

Tuck the right hand into the compact crease you should make as you twist and compress the waist, hips and upper thigh.

Keep looking behind – with your chin up and eyes in line. This means your whole head moves around to assist with the stretch. Just looking back with eyes only is not what you’re after; you need to use the head as an anchor to help stretch through the neck and upper spine. Gently bring the front arm around to assist the stretch.

4 & 5. Repeat the process on other side.

Tips: Keep shoulders low and relaxed.

Breathe 3 x inhale and 3 x exhale then repeat on the other side.