Want to get stronger? Try this simple strength-training routine that works every muscle in your body.

The lowdown: 

3 sessions a week: “Work your whole body each of the three days,“ advises Scott Hunt from Fitness Enhancement.

“If you’re finding you’re not recovered enough in between sessions, the good news is that you’re training hard enough to fatigue yourself that much so you can adapt it to a split program of lower body and abs for one session and upper body the next,” he says.

5 sessions a week: “A five-sessions-per-week strength training program definitely needs a split program to ensure you recover and get stronger after each session,” says hunt.

What to do: 

Scott Hunt’s Full-body Weights Session: “Try this simple strength-training routine to get a great all-over workout that works every muscle in your body with an extra emphasis on your core. Aim for about 20 reps of each and perform all six exercises in a row with minimal breaks.”

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