Skipping is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can be done almost anywhere.

How to

Simply push the couches back, pop on your favourite playlist and hop to it! The intensity of skipping means you can spend less time working out and when performed regularly you’ll see an increase in fitness, coordination and body tone.

To add variety to your skipping workouts, you can combine this with other exercises to create a high intensity, interval style workout. World aerobic champion and Fit Bureau director Patsy Tierney demonstrates.

Instructions: You will need a skipping rope and a kettlebell for this workout. If you don’t have access to a kettlebell, supplement with a small dumbbell or beginners can attempt this with no weight at all.

You may think you mastered this in the primary school courtyard, but the correct skipping technique combines several simultaneous movements. Hold the rope handles comfortably in your hands. Do not grip too hard or this will put extra stress on your forearms.

Start off easy and find your skipping groove. There are no hard or fast rules. You can jump with feet together, jog from one foot to the other or even progress to ‘double unders’, where the rope passes twice under your feet on each rotation.

If you get your feet caught and have to stop or need a rest, just stop and then continue counting from where you were up to. Remember to keep skipping rope handles slightly in front of the body. Wear good supportive shoes similar to those you would use for running.

Photography: Jessie Goddard

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