Targets the muscles in your upper back and scapula for a super-toned summer back.

Reverse flys - Women's Health & Fitness

The reverse fly also works  supporting muscles such as your shoulders, triceps, core and quads, plus more when performing from the push-up position.

How to

Go to a solid push-up position, keeping your back straight. Hands below your shoulders and with one hand the weight goes up to 90 degrees towards the ceiling. Keep your arm straight. Focus on the pulling movement from your back, between your shoulder blades.

You will feel the tension run through the back of your shoulders and triceps as you try to keep your arm locked out. KEEP YOUR HIPS UP; tighten your obliques to help this.

To bring the arm back down, keep it locked straight and in a controlled movement and bring the weight back to the ground in the same direction.
Speed is not important – TECHNIQUE is.

Workout from Nikki Fogden-Moore.

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